The Sounds of Play

To strengthen the effect of this post, listen to this while reading. Credit to Escape Game Walkthrough for providing.

Listen carefully to the sounds of the children playing. Hear their laughter, laugh at the shrieks of joy and happiness they’re having, and reminisce in how your childhood was like this.

Play is what we all remember from our childhood. The games they played, the intense matches, and lack of stress. It was a time where everything was easy. No rules, no weight on your shoulders, absolutely nothing but being a kid. We all wish we could all return back to those days and enjoy the wonders of being a kid again. Despite this, why do adults try so hard to take it away from the youth today? Look around yourself, watch the empty playgrounds fill with cobwebs and rust. Notice, how you won’t be hearing the sounds you are listening to right now. Is this what we want? For the new generation of children to be missing this?

play-1568430_1920Photo by user pgbismon on Pixabay.

As a kid, I enjoyed these experiences of being free and having play to the fullest. I played dodge ball on the daily, ran around the soccer field, found myself as the king in four square, and saw me missed slicies on the handball court. Being older now with more responsibilities and stress over schooling, it has taken a huge toll on my playful life. Just yesterday, February 1st, was the Global School Play Day experience and very few schools, let alone teachers, acknowledged it. Teachers at my school were ecstatic about it and saw it as a break for us kids, so they allowed us a fun period. We were told to bring things in that we could use to play games and have fun, and on that day only about a fourth of the class actually brought something. Items ranged from board games to stuffed animals, to a volleyball, but there wasn’t enough variety for everyone to have fun. Everyone was drained from schooling and testing that we were too tired to really enjoy ourselves, with many just wanting the time to catch up on sleep. I believe that the solution to the lack of items brought to the event was the lack of motivation or incentive to bring something. We’ve been so deprived of outdoor entertainment and games that we don’t crave or find benefit in it. I think that making some incentive or sadly, a grade, would’ve made more kids bring more stuff.

This is the problem. This is why we are unable to have fun, to be creative, to enjoy being young. Our parents and teachers need to help children and teenagers experience play and its benefits again. We have lost all care and excitement from fun and games we need outside help to change us.As we grow older, we will miss out on the benefits of play: learning good sportsmanship, how to cooperate with a team, and having fun in life. This idea is further stated in this podcast.

20170201_134440Photo by David Theriault, one of the teachers who took part in the event.

Honestly, I loved the chance to play games outside again with friends. Although we were rusty at volleyball and could barely return a serve, it felt amazing to feel like an actual kid again. It reminded me of the kids in the audio, living life to its fullest. I feel that all high school students should participate in the Global School Play Day and allow more students to feel like a child again. I want to thank those that allowed my classmates and I to participate this and hopefully, kids will feel like kids again.





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