What do My Dreams Mean?

Friday. November 11, 2016.

“It’s eleven eleven make a wish!” is a popular phrase nowadays to give hope and wishes for things we desire or dream of. The dreams that we experience while we are sleeping are fascinating to me, from recurring ones to new ones. Some people think that it’s a glimpse at the future, or your mind connecting a bunch of random thoughts together, but I’m indifferent on what the real answer is.


And it doesn’t matter to me either, I just want to know answers to Why that dream? and Why that dream now?. I always thought that dreams were a warning or a representation of my mental state. Maybe I would have a scary dream the night before a scary test or maybe a verbal fight and have a shouting match with my parents a day later. It seems as if dreams expressed my fear and sorrows that I felt, and it’s super cool.


Dreams don’t seem to last long either. Once I realize I’m experiencing a dream, it’s usually too late and I wake up. According to many different articles by a Google search, dreams could last from maybe five to forty-five minutes, not that very long if you compare it to how long we usually sleep for. Despite the small amount of time for dreaming I have, however, it seems as if it always ends at the appropriate time. Most of the time I wake up right when I get eaten or even win a tournament of some sorts, and it’s interesting how my brain figures out when it is the right time to end. It seems as if my brain is trying to entertain or remind me something.

Even more interesting enough, I dream most when I’m tired. Whether it be late night cramming, studying, or being with friends, more than half of the time I’ll experience a dream. Maybe my brain is starting to hallucinate because it’s so sleep deprived as a high school student, or maybe it’s because my brain has more time to jumble up things to give as a dream. Either way, I find it kind of an incentive to studying or doing homework, having a nice little story before a totally amazing school day in the following hours.


Overall I find dreams a cool little event that can really make for some interesting thoughts while I’m showing in the morning. We’ll probably never truly understand what they actually mean and why do we have it sometimes, but until then we can only assume it’s a sign.

Source on how long we dream here.

Some articles on possible reasons why we dream: How Stuff WorksWebMDWikipedia




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