Personal Desire vs Necessities

Friday. October 21, 2016.

At this time, winter is coming up, and the issue of money comes up. I’m given about $20 a week for lunch and snacks which I usually end up saving and skipping lunch. I do this to try to pocket more money per week that I can use to buy things like games or computer parts, however, it has a taken a toll on my body.

On school days, I would have a small sandwich for breakfast and then a decent sized dinner, often skipping out lunch for monetary reasons. In school, my stomach growls constantly and my conscious is always fighting over whether or not spend money to satisfy my hunger or power through to help get that new game that came out or buy a friend a present for their birthday. Not only is it making me more cranky and tired throughout the day, it’s hurting my performance in school as well.


This has been a learning experience for me. I realize that I am good where I am right now and that skipping lunch every single school day will cause a huge issue for me in the future, and I’m planning on buying at least some sort of lunch that is cheap to bring and I can still save enough money for some needs.

Pinterest seems to have good ideas and content that I can use and maybe you can too.





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