Being Dropped in a New World

Sunday. October 16, 2o16.

For a club, I experienced a whole new set of culture and diversity I never experienced before. I went to an Armenian church where the club was hosting a volunteering event running some booths to raise money to give to the church. My friend and I were working the bean bag toss and a flourish of kids would always come, and brought their identity and way of life with them.carnival-game-bean-bag-toss

A picture of the booth my partner and I ran at the event.

They were a super tight community, greeting each other and sharing memories as if they’ve known each other since birth. I had never met something like it, they were all like family. They had music that represented their culture and it was definitely something different to hear, almost like I was in a different country.


An image of the type of dancing I saw at the Armenian church.

From this event, I can really recommend one thing; go visit new places and explore how others live. Cities are very diverse and are crawling with rich history and culture that can broaden your view on your ideas and maybe help understand others better.

Here’s a cool link where you can see all the cool cultures and places near you!


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