Going Away from the Norm

Thursday. October 6, 2016.

The world is split between two people, leaders and followers. What characterizes the two are how they approach problems and the types of personalities they have. A leader takes someone who will think differently from the others and will take initiative for whatever they want to do. However, a follower is one who refuses to try to input their own thoughts or contribute and would rather piggyback off a leader or someone else.

Multiple times now, I’ve seen a video over and over again in either leadership groups, motivational videos, or across the internet, and here it is:

Every time I see this video it always reminds me of how much of a follower I really am, and naturally others are too. Everyone is afraid they will look silly or ruin their reputation for being different, but in this case being different made him start a movement. From this video I always try to remind myself, go out of the norm sometimes, you’ll never know how you’ll end up.


3 thoughts on “Going Away from the Norm

  1. Its true that choosing either leader or follower is part of life, and its part of life to be afraid of messing up (most of the time everyone is including leaders). Different maybe good, but a different that keeps you, you is the good difference. Loved the passage cause I can also relate.

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  2. I love how you brought how society is built into light! It’s never bad to fit into the “norm”. But yes, I have to agree that standing out and stunting in front of others can lead to the best situations, and bring you to places you wouldn’t even dream of.

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